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Hardware Setup
Setup Router and Networks Setup a New Mac or PC Install Hardware Setup Tablets Setup Media Servers
  • We will create your home network, ensure that it is secure and connect up to 3 devices (eg laptop, mobile phone etc.)
  • Set up, configure and secure your router; safeguard your personal information and secure your broadband signal from use by others
  • Installation and configuration of a networking adapter on up to 3 computers/devices (PC, laptop, gaming console, network Blu ray/DVD player, network-enabled TV, etc.)
  • Configuration of internet, including ISP (internet service provider)
  • Secure network
  • Enable devices to share the internet, files, printers and other media (photos, videos, music, etc.)
  • VoIP (voice over IP) setup
  • Repair network and internet connectivity if necessary
  • In-home installation of all equipment
  • Add an additional device during the initial setup – extra charge of 45aed per device above 3 devices

    Just bought a new PC, opened the box and seen all the wires? Don’t worry, we will come and set it up for you. You can go and collect the kids from school and when you come back your computer will be up and running and connected to your existing internet.

  • Physically setup one PC or Mac computer system, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
  • Configuration of your new computer to access your existing internet account and one existing email account
  • Connect a printer, external hard drive or other external device (device not included)
  • Install antivirus and antispyware software with current definitions and application updates
  • Install one software application of your choice (software not included)
  • Professionally dress all wires and cables

    Do you have a new or existing bit of kit and want to add it to your existing network with no hassle? Let us do it for you and get it running at its optimal level.

  • Installation of an internal or external PC component, such as a graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner
  • Installation of any included software that is necessary for functionality on one computer
  • Configuration of the PC component for applicable use

    We will setup and configure your tablet, connect it to your network and show you how to use it to get the most out of it.

    Want to be able to watch your favourite TV series or movies streamed from the internet on your large screen TV? Why not let us set up your Apple TV or Windows Media Server.