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Software Setup
Install a New OS Install Software Email Setup Computer Setup

    Are you using an operating system that is over a year old? Is your computer struggling as a result? We will install the latest operating system and configure it for optimum performance on your machine. Do you want to move from Windows Vista or XP to Windows 7?

  • Install one operating system on a functioning computer (customer must provide needed OS discs)
  • Install necessary drivers
  • Install all critical updates
  • Test system for functionality

    Want to install a new piece of software or a bit of software? Is a bit of software not working properly? Get us round and get it sorted.

    Email can connect you to another level of communication with friends and family. Let our IT technician set you up with an email account from a provider of your choice (working high speed internet connection required).

  • Connection of one existing and active email account to a computer or mobile phone
  • Must have all necessary passwords available (if existing email account)
  • Troubleshooting for an existing email account
  • Includes repair, configuration and update of e-mail program

    Don’t leave your computer defenceless! We will help keep your entire personal information safe by installing antivirus and security software.

    • Install antivirus and antispyware software with current definitions and application updates (Client must either have disc or purchase software)
    • Perform system updates and improve PC speed and performance, including start up and shutdown optimization, Windows updates, menu navigation improvement, quick launch and taskbar clean-up and program shortcut creation
    • Enable basic security functions, including anti-phishing and pop-up blocking activation in Internet Explorer
    • Remove of unwanted programs and trial ware
    • Create desired user accounts (if applicable)
    • Test and verify PC hardware and software functionality
    • Create recovery disc